President: Ben Divito

Year: 3
Favourite KPE Course: KPE260 and KPE264 - Physiology and Exercise Physiology, ANA126 - Anatomy
Favourite KPE Professor: Marius Locke, Luc Tremblay, Cathy Amara
Favourite KPE Memory: Kin Games 2017 and 2018
Favourite Sport/Hobby: Swimming, cooking, reading
Best Part About Being a Student in KPE: Small faculty, lots of opportunities.
Career Goals and Aspirations: Doctor
Fun Fact: Virtually no blood flows through the axillary and subclavian veins in my right arm



Vice President: Roxy O'Rourke

Year: 4
Favourite KPE Course: KPE362 - Neural Basis of Human Movement
Favourite KPE Professor: Dr. Daniel Santa Mina, Tim Welsh, Kelly Arbour-Nicitopoulos
Favourite KPE Memory:  Hart House Farms Leadership retreat, Play the Game, and Research Courses  
Favourite Sport/Hobby: Track and Dance
Best Part About Being a Student in KPE: I love getting to see everyone grow and develop their leadership skills throughout their time here. We have some of the best leadership opportunities available to us, and being able to witness other students taking advantage of these opportunities and pushing themselves out of their comfort zone is so rewarding.
Career Goals and Aspirations: Pediatric Oncologist
Fun Fact: If I could eat one food for the rest of my life it would be pineapple.

Academic Commissioner: Brenaven (BREN) kugamoorthy

Year: 3
Favourite KPE Course: ANA 126 - Human Anatomy, Fundamentals of Human Movement, KPE 280/281, KPE260 - Physiology, KPE264 - Exercise Physiology, KPE290 - Research and Design, KPE263 - Biomechanics
Favourite KPE Professor: Nathalie Williams, Doug Richards, Tim Taha, Dean Ira Jacobs, Michael Hutchison, Michael Atkinson, Catherine Amara, Caroline Fusco, David Frost, Tania Alexson, Marius Locke, Luc Tremblay, Jack Goodman.
Favourite KPE Memory: 1st year Class Representative, Kin Games, ODP                                                          Favourite Sport/Hobby: Basketball, sprinting, volleyball
Best Part About Being a Student in KPE: Learning and understanding the 3 disciplinarians of Kinesiology with a family of students, staff, and faculty at UofT            Career Goals and Aspirations: Medicine/Research



External Commissioner: Natalie Alvares

Year: 3
Favourite KPE Course: ANA126 - Anatomy
Favourite KPE Professor: Luc Tremblay
Favourite KPE Memory: Every anatomy class in first year was a new adventure and a rollercoaster of emotions that I will never foget                                                     Favourite Sport/Hobby: Drawing
Best Part About Being a Student in KPE: The sense of community and support in and among our faculty
Career Goals and Aspirations: Physiotherapy



Communications Commissioner: Ruqayyah alibhai

Year: 3
Favourite KPE Course: KPE363 - Sports Medicine
Favourite KPE Professor: Dr. Michael Atkinson
Favourite KPE Memory: Hart House Farms Retreat in first year                                                                  Favourite Sport/Hobby: Rock climbing, biking and reading
Best Part About Being a Student in KPE: The small size of the faculty, and really feeling like part of a community. It's awesome being able to really get to know everyone and interact with everyone within the faculty.
Career Goals and Aspirations: I don't know the answer to this yet, but possibly teaching and/or coaching
Fun Fact: I love baking and ran my own dessert company for a while, which may stem from my Food Network addiction


Finance Commissioner: Faheem Moolla

Year: 4
Favourite KPE Course: ANA 126 - Elementary Human Anatomy
Favourite KPE Professor: Tyson Beach
Favourite KPE Memory: The final skit presented to us by the counselors in ODP100                                    Favourite Sport/Hobby: Baseball
Best Part About Being a Student in KPE: The small community feeling takes away the sometimes overwhelming feeling that comes with being part of a large university. Everyone is really friendly and cadavers are life (spot the irony).
Career Goals and Aspirations: I’d love to work with Cardiac patients. Cardiology is the dream.
Fun Fact: I’m left handed and use my whole hand to hold my pen. 4 fingers and thumb. So does Obama, and I have a picture of Obama and myself side-by-side to prove it.


Graduates Commissioner: Tabitha amponsah             

Year: 4
Favourite KPE Course: ANA 126 - Elementary Human Anatomy & KPE120 - Foundations of Sports, Exercise, and Health Psychology
Favourite KPE Professor: Dr. Doug Richards
Favourite KPE Memory: Hart House Retreat in first year Favourite Sport/Hobby: Playing Volleyball and watching basketball
Best Part About Being a Student in KPE: Getting the opportunity to have such a broad education. Getting a lecture-based learning as well as the practical aspect of learning in our practicum classes and tutorials and placement. Also being in a smaller program like Kinesiology allows for closer, tight-knit friendships
Career Goals and Aspirations: Sports Doctor or Athletic therapist
Fun Fact: I fell down a flight of stairs and lost 5 teeth

Equity Commissioner: Michelle Campbell

Year: 4
Favourite KPE Course: KPE 305 - Geographies of Health in Physical Cultures
Favourite KPE Professor: Judi Laprade
Favourite KPE Memory: Hosting Pocket Pets (animal therapy) to which I was blessed to see the smiles and curiosity on everyone's face                                    Favourite Sport/Hobby: Soccer/Writing
Best Part About Being a Student in KPE: Having the space to express my thoughts, feelings, and abilities among an amazing and encouraging family
Career Goals and Aspirations: Combine kinesiology and equity studies in order to create a more inclusive and healthy world!
Fun Fact: I was a premature baby