KPE Academic Timetable

Click on the following links below to get more information on various Academic Timetables for the 2016 - 2017 year: 

KPE Academic Timetable

PRA Curriculum Rotation Timetable

ODP Timetable 

Arts & Science Academic Timetable

The Faculty of Arts & Science is a vibrant intellectual community of students and scholars who are deeply committed to excellence, discovery and diversity. Arts & Science represents over half the student population on the main downtown campus.

Click here for the Arts & Science course calendar for the 2017 - 2018 year. Not only are the Arts & Science’s a key source for our electives throughout our time in KPE they are also a great way to meet the needed prerequisites to go into graduate programs, such as medical school, physiotherapy, etc.

When selecting your electives, use the ASSU’s Anti-Calendar as a guide to help you make your decision easier. The Anti-Calendar is a collection of student evaluations of over 1700 courses and instructors in the Faculty of Arts & Science. This annual compilation of course evaluations has proven itself to be a valuable resource for students who may be unsure of the courses in which they are registering and for instructors to review their teaching abilities.