Meet the KPEAA Executives!

Kinesiology & Physical Education Athletic Association (KPEAA) 

The KPEAA is one of the many student-led sub-committees within the KPEUA. In partnership with the University of Toronto Intramurals League,the KPEAA (Kinesiology and Physical Education Athletic Association) is responsible for promoting and encouraging physical activity through numerous sports, tournaments, and fundraisers within the KPE Family. Moreover, the KPEAA aims to provide leadership opportunities within the Faculty, as well as to host fun-filled social events in order to make your University experience a memorable one!





President: Madalyn Tworzyanski

Year: 4
Favourite KPE Course: KPE264 - Exercise Physiology, KPE263 - Introductory Biomechanics, and KPE304 - Violence Suffering and Physical Culture
Favourite KPE Professor: Judy Laprade, David Cooper, and Michael Atkinson!
Favourite KPE Memory: Attending ODP in third year as a counsellor. I loved ODP in first and second year, and didn’t want my time at New Moon to end. After applying to be a counsellor, I had the privilege to attend in third year, and look forward to the trip next year as well.                                                                                                                              Favourite Sport/Hobby: I was a figure skater for many years, but I have now taken up running. I started running 5km and 10km races when I was younger, but now my goal is to run a half and full marathon.
Best Part About Being a Student in KPE: Best Part About Being a Student in KPE: KPE is like no other faculty. Everyone knows one another, helps each other out, and stays connected.                                                                                    Career Goals and Aspirations: My goal is to work in the research division at a Hospital, or become a chiropractor. I discovered my interest for research in second year during Exercise Physiology. I loved writing lab reports for that class, and synthesizing information to explain the results of a test. If you see my name published in a research journal, you will know that I achieved my career goal.
Fun Fact: I rarely understand the “Toronto” language.


President: Annie Vlahiotis

Year: 4
Favourite KPE Course: KPE263 - Introductory Biomechanics
Favourite KPE Professor: Simon Darnell
Favourite KPE Memory: Being an OPD100 Kayak Counsellor (and Group 5's mom)                                                                Favourite Sport/Hobby: Fast pitch/napping
Best Part About Being a Student in KPE: So many ways to meet students in other years and get tips on surviving school
Career Goals and Aspirations: Rehabilitation sciences (i actually have no idea)
Fun Fact: I have my motorcycle license 


Co-Deputy: Mark Corsetti

Year: 3
Favourite KPE Course: Physical Cultural Studies
Favourite KPE Professor: Caroline Fusco
Favourite KPE Memory: Messy olympics during Orientation weeks                                                                         Favourite Sport/Hobby: Running and yoga/meditation
Best Part About Being a Student in KPE: All the different events offered by our faculty like Jockularity, PHE-4-ALL, and the Equity Workshop Series.
Career Goals and Aspirations: Rehabilitation sciences (i actually have no idea)
Fun Fact: Travel and Teach English, and one day work at a local school or at the 519 on Church St., but I'm open to many other experiences!


Co-Deputy: Cheryl Yip

Year: 3
Favourite KPE Course: KPE263 - Biomechanics
Favourite KPE Professor: Dr. Tyson Beach
Favourite KPE Memory: The Outdoor Projects                                                                                                                  Favourite Sport/Hobby: Volleyball/weightlifting
Best Part About Being a Student in KPE: Meeting cool upper years and first years through playing intramurals!
Career Goals and Aspirations: Physical Therapist