Interprofessional Education (IPE)

IPE Curriculum for KPE Undergraduate Students

The curriculum is focused on the development of specific values and core competencies across eleven health professional programs. The knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes developed through the curriculum enable students to provide collaborative relational-centred care in an interprofessional context.  

IPE Program of Study Requirements

1) PRA600H1 - Teamwork: Your Future In Healthcare or PRA602H1 - IPE elective of choice

2) PRA601H1 - IPE elective of choice

*Note: It is highly recommended that graduating students complete their IPE requirements by January of their graduating year and by the end of February at the latest.

What are PRA600H1, PRA601H1 & PRA602H1?

PRA600H1 - Teamwork: Your Future in Healthcare

Date: Thursday, October 6th

Time: 3:15-5:30 pm 

Location: Convocation Hall

Registration: Sign up for PRA600H1 on ACORN/ROSI

Conflicts: Students who have a direct course conflict with the session should either delay PRA600H1 until their last year or complete a second IPE elective (PRA602H1) in place of PRA600H1.

PRA601H1/PRA602H1 - Interprofessional Education Elective

KPE students must complete at least one IPE elective activity of their choice OR two IPE electives if they do not attend PRA600H1. Students eligible to attend IPE electives will receive weekly email messages about elective options and registration procedures.

Date/Time/Location: Various


1) See

2) Sign in using your UTORid.

3) Review the Calendar of IPE electives on the IPE website and click on your desired event.

4) Follow the event's specific registration instructions.

*Note: If you can no longer attend your elective, please withdraw from the session on the RSVP site or email!

Additional Information

For more information about IPE at the University of Toronto please visit Registration Information for KPE Students!